About tuServ

Event Dashboard


The Event Dashboard is a collaborative workspace in tuServ where all the information around Events (or incidents) can be generated in one place, with input from one or more officers. Through the Event Dashboard, an officer can gather new information/digital evidence and access existing information for any Events that include that officer. It is the point where all information related to an incident/investigation is held, providing a single version of the truth; a holistic view of an event including location, vehicles, people and process. It is fully connected with a user experience that enables rapid consumption of information.

Officers can add additional officers to the Dashboard, or be added to the Dashboard. Then all the content is shared between them, and they can view each other’s content. Similarly, the Dashboard members can include an officer back at the station, who can view the data being collated for the incident, by multiple officers, in virtual real-time.

While a Notebook is unique to an officer, and can be viewed by other officers, an Event Dashboard is designed to be collaborative - rather than each officer creating an individual Notebook entry for an event, they work together in the Dashboard, making use of the information already gathered by their colleagues. This can include any information already obtained from individuals involved in the incident, such as name, address and date of birth.

When an officer searches for an individual in the Event Dashboard, tuServ will search in the force’s connected systems, and will pull back the best representative data on that person, including any warning markers. If the individual is suspected to be in possession of a hand gun, this information is pushed to the forefront, so the officer is prepared; putting their safety, and the safety of the public foremost.

The aim of using data from existing systems, or that which has already been entered by another officer, is to save time, reduce the chance of introducing errors into the system and to provide the officer with the best possible data in the field. In addition, it can generate all the material for court without the need to send a mass email to all officers involved, searching through duty logs or needing to visit individual officer’s stations - like Notebook entries, it can be exported.

Key Features

  • Dynamically add a colleague(s) to your Event Dashboard.
  • Colleagues can search content on your Event Dashboard and request to be added.
  • Multi-officer collaboration – including those not at scene.
  • Provides real-time information access.
  • Search all back-office systems available to the officer, including PNC, Gazeteer, Athena, Niche.
  • Easily collated for submission to the Criminal Justice system.
  • Complete Audit Log for the Dashboard.

Event Dashboard enables all officers involved with an incident, to collaborate in real-time, irrespective of their location, enabling easier communication and quicker decision making. All information to manage incident at hand, and can be pulled from any Command and Control system to ensure consistency.

Everything we do is recorded in the back-end system. Everything is time-stamped. Everything is geo-located. It creates a more accountable environment where our actions are identified and justified and the evidence we provide stands up to the highest level of scrutiny. Detective Superintendent Andy Gipp, Cambridgeshire Constabulary.