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Around me

“Around me” provides dynamic situational awareness for your neighbourhood, through an easy-to-use map interface.

Around me displays incidents and officers in your location or a specified location as pins plotted on a map. All the information displayed is driven by your Command and Control system (e.g Storm). As an officer, you can set the radius of where you are, and it will show any crimes or incidents that are active where you are now, in real-time. Based on proximity - numbered from closest to you, up to farthest away. The radius can also take into account if the officer is on foot or in a vehicle. Officers can also drill down into the record of an incident to view all the information that is available to them.

The officer can control what they see on the map. Customising what type of incidents they want to view, such as Stop/Search or what warrants are outstanding on individuals living locally and whether they want to be able to see other officers in their specified radius. Officers can also adjust the date range to see incidents and officers as live or several days/weeks in the past.

Using Around Me, officers can benefit from awareness of which incidents are occurring, and the nature of the incidents, quickly and easily – all in one location, without needing to radio control or switch device or application.