About tuServ

The Story of tuServ

The Story of tuServ

How it all came about.

tuServ was developed by Black Marble, an award-winning software development company, with a solid track record in delivering innovative and imaginative solutions, mainly on the Microsoft platform.

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Black Marble specialises in developing New User Experiences, including touch and multi-touch solutions, on innovative technologies, where we emphasise the creation of delightful and easy to visualise user experiences. We develop solutions to be delivered across a variety of form-factors and screen types, including Smartphones, touchscreens, large format displays, slate devices, gesture-interfaces and holographic devices.

Black Marble’s engagement with Cambridgeshire Constabulary developed beyond the usual services provided with open and frank conversations about the limitations in current policing solutions, as well as the increasing need to digitally transform operational policing, for efficiency, and cost-saving, whilst not sacrificing the quality of the work needed to work within the criminal justice system.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary were aware that a dependency on paper-based notes created an inefficient administrative burden and left important information in siloes. They wanted a way to ensure and demonstrate the integrity of all notes officers take at the scene of a crime and ensure they could later be used as evidence. With tuServ an officer has access to all the information in one go, accessing numerous databases instantaneously. This includes PNC, intelligence, crimes reported, any Stop & Search on an individual and any custody information – all in the field, at an officer’s fingertips. tuServ provides a much richer picture and delivers insights faster than existing systems are able to. With better access to more comprehensive information, in a more effective, cost efficient manner, officers are able to ‘be a better cop’.

tuServ was born out of these conversations, and as an early adopter, Cambridgeshire Constabulary provided vital input into how the solution developed. In February 2017 the first code was committed on the then un-named project, and has grown dramatically since then, now being used by 1000s of officers in the UK, whilst also being in trial internationally. Find out more about Black Marble on their website.

tuServ is now available internationally! Black Marble have partnered with SixPivot, to bring the power of tuServ to the police and emergency services across Australia. Find out more about SixPivot on their website.

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