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Platforms for Delivery

Platforms for Delivery

Windows and Android

Available on Windows

The Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10) offers a set of features unavailable on other platforms giving Police forces and the public reassurance that data is both secure and safe. The modern user experience provided by Windows is second to none in usability in both touch, pen and type interfaces.

Data at Rest - To allow offline working some data is cached on the local machine, the Windows family of devices support BitLocker, a key feature which encrypts the storage areas of a device to ensure that even with access to the device, data cannot be removed.

Devices - Windows comes in a wide range of high quality devices, including phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, allowing forces to select the devices that best suits their approach, and giving them the confidence that tuServ will always run reliably. With tuServ running on Windows 10, it is now also available for Surface Hub and the HoloLens.

Available on Android

tuServ is also available on Android. Opening tuServ up to Android has aided adoption, increased uptake and is encouraging collaborative working between individual officers and across forces. It is our aim is to help the police deliver the best and most efficient service they can, and by bringing all the great tuServ features over from the Windows platform to Android, forces can mix and match devices to meet their operational needs.

tuServ on Android provides officers with a clean and simple interface following Androids ever popular Material Design principles.

On a technical level, it's all about having standardised systems ... On an operational level, it's about delivering more fluid and efficient policing with accurate, connected data. Jonathan Black, Head of Information and Communication, Cambridgeshire Constabulary.